Practical Considerations


Fees for the church offering, Music Director, and all other musicians should be delivered to the Parish Business Office in the Rectory no later than one week prior to the wedding.

The fees are as follow:

  • Church offering-$250
  • Music Director-$275 (includes one consultation and the ceremony itself)
  • Parish Cantor-$200
  • Church Coordinator – $100

Any fees for additional musicians and/or extra rehearsals will be as arranged through the Music Director.

The Rehearsal

All attendants, readers, gift bearers and parents are encouraged to attend the rehearsal so that every aspect of the ceremony may be   reviewed. The allotted time for a rehearsal is limited, so please be prompt!


To uphold the sense of the sacred, we ask that your photographer or videographer familiarize her/himself with the actual ceremony and be as unobtrusive as possible. We ask that they not enter the sanctuary area. We also discourage picture taking after the ceremony as this may interfere with other Parish events. The photographer should introduce her/himself to the celebrant before the wedding.

Receiving Lines

If time permits, receiving lines may be held outside the church.  Please speak with the Parish Priest in advance to obtain approval.

Respect for Church Property

Neither  flowers, confetti, birdseed nor rice may be thrown outside the church.  These present serious safety hazards.  It is important to note that alcoholic beverages (including champagne) are prohibited from the church property and parking lot.  Please relay this information to limousine drivers and  well-meaning family and friends!

Church Decorations

Your florist or family may decorate the church with fresh flowers keeping in mind the importance of maintaining the liturgical environment.  All flowers placed at the altar are  to remain after the ceremony so that the entire worshiping community may share them and continue to pray for you as we come together to celebrate the Eucharist.

Please provide your own containers and stands for your  flowers.  Please do not use tape, wire, tacks or other adhesives to attach ribbons, bows or floral decorations as these damage the wood surfaces.  Candles may not be used directly in any arrangements.

Please call the Parish Business Office to arrange a time to have flowers delivered to the church.  All additional flowers, such as corsages or boutonnieres, should be clearly marked with the family name and time of wedding. Neither flowers nor flower petals may be strewn inside or outside the church.

The use of a runner has proved to be a safety hazard and is discouraged.

All decorations outside the sanctuary must be removed immediately after the ceremony.

Church Interior and Parking

The church can hold up to 620 people and is handicap accessible with ground floor elevator access at the Glen Road and Ledyard Street entries.  Rest rooms are located on the lower level.

The center aisle of the church is 51 feet from the glass doors to the first step of the altar.  The distance from the outside center entrance to the glass doors is 29 feet. There are thirteen pews on either side of the center aisle.

Guests should park in the school lot on Ledyard Street.