Parish Pastoral Planning Group (PPG)

About the Parish Pastoral Planning Group

Catholics throughout the country and indeed throughout the world are beginning to come to grips with the serious reality of a Church operating with fewer and fewer priests and religious women. This dramatic change is well underway and presents us with an opportunity to shape the direction of our parish community. The parish of the future will call for broader participation by parishioners and for significant leadership and ministerial roles by trained men and women, or “lay ecclesial ministers.”

Here at St. John’s, Father Tom and our Parish Pastoral Council created a committee called the Pastoral Planning Group to coordinate planning for the future of the parish. Essential tasks of the Pastoral Planning Group at this point are to raise awareness in the parish and to prepare the parish for the changes to come. We want to make sure that as this planning takes place within the Archdiocese and as various changes are implemented, the quality of parish life continues to flourish as together we search for closer relationships with God and ever more fruitful spiritual lives.

The Pastoral Planning Group will not be making decisions for the parish. Its role is to coordinate the planning work of many people and to facilitate the smooth flow of ideas and information, so that when decisions are made — by the pastor, Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, and leaders of the various ministries of our parish — they will be based on solid reasoning and reflect the best views of the entire parish.