Family Mass Coffee & Donuts

Donuts and coffee are offered downstairs in the Social Hall after the Family Mass most Sundays. Volunteers are needed each week to help set up and clean up.  It’s easy! Dunkin Donuts will deliver the coffee and donuts and all you need to do is arrive a bit early to put everything out and then clean-up afterward. These gatherings are a wonderful source of community and connection, and the help from our volunteers is greatly appreciated. For more detailed information, please see the instructions below. (You can also print a copy of the instructions using the menu.)  When you are ready to pick a date that is convenient for your family, please visit our Family Mass Donuts and Coffee Sign-Up.

COFFEE AND Donut Instructions

Dunkin Donuts will deliver the donuts, coffee, and bagels to the Powers Hall kitchen by 8AM. All the supplies you need will be in the tall cabinet in the kitchen labeled Family Mass. The juice (orange juice and/or apple juice) will be in the refrigerator.

Set Up: Prior to Mass, set up the coffee table and donut table:

  • Donuts can go out in their boxes with the tops torn off.
  • Bagels and cream cheese can be set-up on round plastic trays.
  • Pour approximately 70 cups of juice.
  • Coffee table needs cups, stirrers, cream, sugars and small trash bin (note: cup lids in cabinet only fit dunkin donut coffee cups not the blue hot cups)
  • Set out 3 donation pitchers and signs (donut table, coffee table, and by the entrance).

Clean Up: 

  • Wipe down tables, clean up the room and the kitchen.
  • Set garbage bags out by back staircase. Feel free to take extra donuts, drop them at fire/police station, or throw them away.
  • Empty out extra coffee and return the urn to Dunkin Donuts (on Washington St next to Papa Razzi) anytime that day is fine.
  • Collect money from the pitchers and put it in the collection envelopes (in closet). Put the envelope in the slot in the closet door in the priests robing room (the door next to restroom upstairs on mezzanine level).