Preparing For Your Wedding

Meeting with the Priest

Prior to setting the date for your wedding, please call the Parish Office (781-235-0045) at least six months prior to your anticipated wedding date to plan an initial meeting with the priest. This will be one of a series of meetings that will allow both you and the priest to get to know each other as well as to discuss the vocation of Marriage. In addition to planning the wedding celebration, documentation required for the Marriage Register will be gathered at these meetings.

Visiting Clergy

If you wish to be married by a priest other than one from the Parish, we are happy to accommodate you.  A visiting priest must receive delegation from the Pastor for this forthcoming Marriage. This visitor will be expected to discuss the vocation of Marriage, plan the wedding celebration with you, and assist at the wedding rehearsal.  It is still necessary for you to meet with our Pastor who will assist with the wedding documents.

Setting the Date and Time

You may discuss the availability of a wedding date and time after your initial meeting with the priest. In a case where there is visiting clergy,  the wedding date will be recorded after the visiting priest speaks with the Pastor.  To allow ample time for the celebration of your wedding ceremony, it is important that it be planned around regularly scheduled Parish liturgies. Weddings may take place on any day of the week.  On Saturdays, weddings may take place between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.  On Sundays, weddings may begin between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.   When the date is set, please schedule your rehearsal time as well, to avoid conflicts with additional church events.   It is most important that you be punctual for the wedding and rehearsal. Our Church Wedding Coordinator will be in touch to go over practical considerations with you once the wedding and rehearsal are scheduled.

 Marriage Preparation Programs

As Marriage is a lifelong commitment, we ask that you participate in a Marriage Preparation Program.  These programs are meant to give you the opportunity to reflect on the important issues relating to Marriage and the unique aspects of your own relationship.  Possible program options will be discussed at your first meeting with the Priest.


A current copy of your Baptismal records should be sent from the place of Baptism to the attention of the priest who is witnessing your marriage
(Fr. James Laughlin, Pastor or Fr. Robert Blaney, Parochial Vicar) at:

St. John Parish Office
39 Washington St.
Wellesley, MA 02481

(If there will be a visiting priest witnessing your marriage, please have the documentation sent to the attention of Fr. James Laughlin, Pastor.) Other Church documents may be requested. All documents should be sent as soon as possible.

You must contact your local Massachusetts town or city hall to obtain marriage license information. Remember to bring your marriage license to the wedding rehearsal!

Contact our Music Office

Once you have confirmed your wedding date, please contact our Music Office at 781-235-0034  to make plans for your music and to reserve the services of other musicians (if needed.)  Please be prepared to make all music selections at this meeting.

Other Customs

If you wish to integrate special cultural customs within your ceremony please discuss this during your meetings with the Priest witnessing the ceremony. Please note that the “unity candle” is not part of the religious rite.    If you do wish to incorporate the lighting of a “unity candle,” be sure to discuss this with the Priest and Music Director.  You must provide your own candles for lighting.