Wedding Liturgy Planning

The Readings and Structure of the Wedding

Your wedding may take place as either a Nuptial Mass or a ceremony.  Please review the literature you have been given (e.g., Together for Life) to guide you in selecting readings and responses for the celebration.  Any questions you may have regarding the ceremony are welcome and should be directed to the Priest who is witnessing your Marriage.

Music for the Wedding Mass or Ceremony

Music enhances the sacred nature of your marriage. Our Parish Music Director and Cantor will provide music that will enhance this celebration and encourage the full participation of the congregation in the hymns, psalm, responses, and acclamations of the wedding.  Our Music Director will assist you in selecting music that will be both appropriate for the religious service and centered on the praise of God and, at the same time, encourage your guests’ participation.

The recommended minimum number of musicians for your wedding (Mass or ceremony) is two: the organist and cantor.  The cantor has a crucial role in leading and sustaining the people in the singing of hymns, responsorial psalms and acclamations.  The cantor may also act as a soloist by singing at certain times within the liturgy, e.g. at offertory or during communion.  The musical demands of a Catholic wedding are quite complex, requiring considerable training and experience to be done well.  If a family member or friend is being considered to sing at your wedding, he/she may sing one or two pieces during, or prior to, the liturgy and only after prior consultation and approval  from the Music Director.  The parish allows only properly trained cantors to take an active role in  leading the music at the liturgy.

Our magnificent Casavant pipe organ at St. John’s can provide beautiful music for your wedding.  We also have a very fine Steinway grand piano that can  be used.  However, there are times when they are enhanced by the optional presence of additional musicians, e.g. trumpet, flute, violin, cello, harp, saxophone.  If you wish to investigate this option, please consult with the Music Director as he has a list of recommended instrumentalists with whom he performs regularly.  In so doing you will be assured of a superior musical experience at your wedding.  The stipend for instrumentalists is your responsibility.  Please note: if extra rehearsal time is required with musicians new to us, an additional fee may be required.

If you are planning to provide your guests with a printed program at your wedding, please be certain to have all music chosen and approved no later than one month prior to your wedding.