Parish Commissions, Councils, Committees and Advisory Boards

This is an overview of the various commissions, councils, committees and boards at St. John the Evangelist Parish.  More information and a list of current members can be found on each group’s web page.

Parish Finance Council
The purpose of the Finance Council is to aid, assist and counsel the Pastor in the overall fiscal operation of the Parish. Members serve to advise and review all matters regarding revenue, expenditures and parish investments.

Collaborative Pastoral Council
The Collaborative Pastoral Council (CPC) is comprised of an equal number of parishioners from each parish. The CPC advises the Pastor in his role in forming and implementing the mission of the parishes in the collaborative.


Adult Faith Formation Commission
St. John the Evangelist Parish holds faith formation as the key component that supports an individual’s lifelong involvement in the experience of faith. Such formation is a multi-faceted, learning and living experience that meshes education, spiritual growth, and active practice of faith that includes prayer and service to others. The mission of the Adult Faith Formation Commission is to initiate and oversee programs for all adults in the Parish that will nurture fuller participation in the sacramental life of the Church and growth in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer and study.

Service Commission
The specific work of the Service Commission is to be a catalyst for Christ’s call to serve, that it be continually heard and responded to in all aspects of parish life: embracing the Parish’s overall mission; supporting Parish ministries; identifying ongoing responses to human needs both within and beyond the Parish community; providing encouragement and assistance as needed to those engaged in service; helping the Parish to develop and support its own leadership in service ministry. Through these efforts, the Service Commission is a vehicle to enhance the Parish’s desire to be Christ to the world.


Religious Education Board
The Religious Education Board of St. John the Evangelist Parish provides guidance to the Religious Education Program concerning ongoing faith development and outreach projects for children. The Board supports efforts to provide learning experiences designed to inform, guide and celebrate the understanding of our Catholic faith as disciples and witnesses to the mission of Jesus Christ. Parents are the primary educators of their children and the Religious Education Board and the Religious Education Program serve to enhance their efforts.

Parish Communications Commission
The parish Communications Commission was formed in 2010 under the guidance of the Parish Pastoral Council through a recommendation by the Pastoral Planning Group to address the growing need to foster all types of communications as part of a vibrant parish community. The Communications Commission provides direction, strategy and support for parish communications both internally and externally, including the parish website, e-mail correspondence, printed media and social networking. In addition, the Communications Commission’s regular meetings include discussions around how to further broaden and strengthen parish life by considering new avenues and new types of content for parish communications.

Parish Pastoral Planning Group
The Parish Pastoral Planning group was initiated in the spring of 2008 by the pastor, Fr. Tom Powers, and the Parish Pastoral Council to coordinate planning for the future of the parish, as we begin to come to grips with the serious reality of a Church operating with fewer and fewer priests and religious women. Essential tasks of the Pastoral Planning Group include: raising awareness in the parish, preparing the parish for the changes to come; making sure that as pastoral planning takes place within the Archdiocese, and as various changes are implemented, the quality of parish life continues to flourish as together we search for closer relationships with God and ever more fruitful spiritual lives.

Parish Liturgical Commission
Recognizing that the celebration of the sacred liturgy is the source and summit of our life in the church, the purpose of the Parish Liturgical Commission is to broaden and deepen the liturgical life of the parish, encouraging the full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy by all of the faithful.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
The purpose of the Buildings and Grounds Committee is to review the condition of our buildings and grounds, to prioritize needs, and to report the findings and recommendations to the Finance Council.


Saint John School Council*
Established in 1971 as a vehicle for parents to be involved and contribute to the quality of education provided at St. John School, the Council consists of elected officers, the principal, and the Pastor. The budget committee assists in establishing a School budget and Council budget for each year. The School Council oversees fund-raising events, assists the principal as requested in the administration of the School, and provides a forum for all parents to address issues related to the School.

Saint John School Advisory Board
This Board, which is in addition to the School Council, effectively studies and advises the Pastor on particular long-range planning and policy issues. The Board generally consists of ex-officio members: Principal, School Council immediate past-president, and five other members, each of whom has experience with both School and Parish.