Religious Education Google Calendar (Grades 1-8)

This Google Calendar displays classes and events for the St. John Religious Education Program – Grades 1-8.  (The calendars for the Confirmation, Youth Ministry, and Sunday 5pm Mass can be found HERE.)

Click on an event for more details. Use the Tabs at the upper right to change to Week or Agenda view. Use the Arrows at the upper left to scroll. To display the events for a particular program or programs only (i.e. just the programs your children are enrolled in) click the drop-down arrow at the far right and select the desired program(s).

You can also add the desired calendars to your Google Calendar account, Android device, or iPhone! (Scroll down for instructions below.)

(Note: A printable, hard copy version of this calendar is available for download on the Religious Education page. )

Add Calendars to an Android Device or Google Calendar Account

You can add one or more of these calendars to your own Google Calendar account right from this page:

  • Click the down arrow at the upper right corner of the calendar to display the available calendars.
  • Check any calendar that you would like to add, and be sure to uncheck any calendars that you do not want to add to your Google Calendar.
  • Click the +Google Calendar icon at the bottom right corner of the calendar to add the selected calendars to your account.

Add Calendars to Your iPhone Calendar APP

You’ll need to use your iPhone for this – if you’re on a computer, get your iPhone and follow along:

Step 1. Open up the browser on your iPhone, go to the St. John website ( and navigate to the Religious Education Google Calendar page.

Step 2. Scroll down to the list of calendar links below. Copy the link for the program you would like to add from the list below (long click to select the entire link, then select Copy from the pop-up.)

Step 3. Next, go back to your home screen, tap the “Settings” icon, scroll down and select “Accounts and Passwords.”  Tap “Add Account”, select “Other”, then select “Add Subscribed Calendar”.

Step 4. Paste the link you copied into the Server box (long click on the Server box until the Paste option appears, then tap Paste.) Click Next and some options will appear – select options as needed (you do not need to enter a username or password) then click Save.

That’s it!  Repeat this process to add links for all the programs needed.

Here is the list of links for each Rel Ed program’s calendar:

General Calendar: (Program-wide dates; everyone should subscribe to this)

Grades 1-5 Sunday:

Grades 1-5 Wednesday:

Grades 1-5 Special: (Program-wide dates for Grades 1-5;  everyone in Grades 1-5 should subscribe to this)

Grade 2 Special: (Special dates related to the Grade 2 sacraments; everyone with a child in Grade 2 should subscribe.)

Grades 6-8: