A Message from Sr. Evelyn

Sr_Evelyn_2006Sometimes we forget that Christianity is first of all about love—a love that grows, a love that builds. Our parish mission statement reminds us that indeed we as a parish are “living stones built into a spiritual house on a precious cornerstone, Jesus Christ… called to be his people, called to love in his likeness.” (I Peter 2)

Our renovation of St. John’s Church, which began in 1997, was not just an effort to build a building, but also a formative time when we continually reminded one another of our mission through our theme—”Renovating St. John’s… a vision for our spiritual future… what we must build is not just brick and stone, but love, compassion and understanding among all people.”

St. John’s has a long-standing commitment to the scriptural message of service, as demonstrated by the many diverse programs supported within our parish. By volunteering time and talent, our parishioners are following the scriptural message to love our neighbor.

Our efforts have been successful in so many areas, but we know that there is so much more that we can do. Our support and encouragement of each other is so important as we share our faith, our resources, and ourselves.