About the Service Commission

The Parish Service Commission acts as a coordination and oversight committee for our parish Service and Outreach programs.  The Commission provides a channel for exploring and incorporating new programs and new opportunities to serve into the St. John’s community. Our role is to be a catalyst for Christ’s call to serve, and a support mechanism for those who choose to answer that call, that it be continually heard and responded to in all aspects of parish life:

  • by embracing the Parish’s overall mission,
  • by supporting Parish ministries,
  • by identifying ongoing responses to human needs both within and beyond the Parish community,
  • by providing encouragement and assistance as needed to those engaged in service,
  • by helping the Parish to develop and support its own leadership in service ministry.

Through these efforts, the Service Commission is a vehicle to enhance the Parish’s desire to be Christ to the world around us.

To serve is to walk in the footsteps of Christ. To help one another is to live out His example. To give aid when it is needed is to take up His cross and be the light we are called to be. As disciples of Christ, we are called to take up the mantle of service and live for others. In acts great and small we are called to live out the example of Christ and let our example shine as a beacon for those who are in need of a little light.

In this spirit, the St. John Service Commission invites any parishioners interested in becoming more involved in the work of service to others to join us. The Service Commission meets approximately once every two months and typically members serve a three-year term. Requirements are that you feel a call for service and are looking for a way to express it.