Book Discussion Group – Thursday, April 20 at 7:30pm at St. John

1jewishannnewtestOur book for April is The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler, editors. This book has been described as a “ground-breaking text for scholarship, interfaith dialogue, and secular or religious readers.” The goal of the editors and the international team of scholars who contributed articles and commentary was to explain how Jewish practices and writings influenced New Testament writers. This is done through extensive notes and a series of thirty essays on a wide assortment of historical and religious topics. Our discussion will focus on the gospel according to St. John. It would be helpful for participants to be generally familiar with the organization and content of this gospel. There will be hand-outs with samples of the commentary from the book. For information, please contact John Stewart, 617-969-0950, or

The Book Discussion Group meets the second Thursday of the month in the St. John Parish Center, 7:30 to 9:00pm. For information consult the St. John website or  contact John Stewart at 617 969 0950 or

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