Religious Education – Spring 2020 Update

Dear St. John Religious Education Families,

As you know, all parish activities, including the celebration of Daily and Sunday Mass, have been suspended in the Archdiocese of Boston until further notice, and all public and private schools in Massachusetts are closed until at least April 6, 2020. We will continue to follow the directives of the town, the state, and the Archdiocese regarding our on-site faith formation classes. However, the length of time for which social distancing will be required to slow the spread of the virus is expected to extend through the end of our Religious Education schedule, making our ability to resume regular in-person classes this spring highly unlikely. Given this reality, we are providing online lesson options for all grades, and additional at-home preparation materials for our First Communion and Confirmation candidates. Guidance regarding the celebration of Confirmations and First Communions will be addressed by the Archdiocese in the coming days, and we will send updated information regarding the sacraments once we receive it.

The online activities and First Communion Preparation materials can be found below.  (Confirmation materials are available on the Collaborative Confirmation Program page.) We have chosen them with the thought that they can be done individually or with a group keeping in mind that many families have multiple children in varying grades and it can be fun to learn together.

Please continue to keep those affected by the coronavirus, their families, and our health care workers in your prayers.

Take care and be well,

Linda Messore
St. John Religious Education Program Coordinator
Collaborative Confirmation Program Coordinator
Collaborative Youth Ministry Program Coordinator

Andrea Fay
St. John Teacher Support, Family Cluster, and Middle School Program Coordinator; Safety Curriculum Facilitator

Sara Vargas and Christina Messore
Religious Education Assistants

Online Religious Education Resources

(only works on the computer – not on phones or tablets)
Click here to go to the ETWN Site that is a “village” of activites for young children.  For example, if you click on the school and hover over the rooms you will see activities for different levels/grades, if you go into the church you will see options for activities about the sacraments. Just a few things to note:
  • Sometimes you have to click to allow Adobe Flash Player to run
  • You MUST click directly on the “Click here to enter without joining” to get into the site… if you click anywhere else it doesn’t work.

Tale of Three Trees
When God Made You
Easter Story
Be Kind
The Giving Tree

(only works on computers not phones or tablets)
Once you click on the icon below to open the link:

  1. Click the Download arrow on the top right
  2. Click on the downloaded document box on the bottom left and it will bring you the Powerpoint document.
  3. Click “SLIDE SHOW” from the top menu
  4. Click the first option “From Beginning”
  5. Pick a category and amount and start playing.  If you want to keep score you need to do that manually.
  6. To go back to the game board click the big back arrow on the bottom left.
  7. To leave the game click the circle with three dots in it & click “End Show”


Stations of the Cross
Play the Game

Lent: People, Places & Things
 Play the Game

Lent: Word Scramble
Play the Game

Lent by the Numbers
Play the Game

Lent Activity Sheet
Lent Crossword
Triduum Worksheet
Holy Thursday Worksheet
Easter Word Search
Pentecost Crossword

Lent Explained 
The Last Supper
Stations of the Cross
The Story of Easter

First Communion Preparation

The children have been preparing for their sacraments with the new Dynamic Catholic “Blessed” curriculum which includes videos.  To conclude these lessons please have your child(ren) watch the final videos we selected.  Please click here and scroll down to select Lesson 3 “Preparation Matters” for the video about Preparation for the sacrament, and then Lesson 6 “Your First but not your Last” for the video about how First Communion is the first time you receive the Eucharist but not the last.

Please click here for a video on how to receive the host.  PLEASE NOTE that this is an old video and includes instructions on receiving on the tongue – please have your child disregard that information.  Other than the parts that explain receiving on the tongue it is a great video with dos and don’ts and it explains things about the sacrament in terms anyone can understand.  Please click here for printable instructions to practice with your child.

Please find below the music we will be singing at our First Communion ceremony.  Maria and Chelsea so kindly recorded the music so the children can practice at home.

Jesus is Our King                          Lyrics/Music              Recording
In Love for Me                               Lyrics/Music              Recording
Jesus Shepherd                            Lyrics/Music              Recording
Jesus in the Morning                     Lyrics/Music              Recording
I’ve Got Peace Like a River           Lyrics/Music              Recording