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Adult Faith Enrichment – An Update from Fr. Jim

Over 75 parishioners from the St. Paul and St. John parishes joined on June 13th to discuss how adult faith enrichment can be offered within the Collaborative in ways which are greater than our parishes can accomplish individually. The energy and commitment at that session was palpable and contributed to a rich and rewarding discussion concerning our collective vision of adult faith enrichment within the St. John-St. Paul Collaborative! By drawing on the ideas and talents of parishioners from both parishes, we stand stronger as we seek to formulate programs which will nurture and inspire us all as Catholics.

Led by Carol Yamartino, a professional executive meeting facilitator, the ideas flowed freely – greater focus on scripture, the possibility of retreats and speaker programs, increased support for families as the first instructors of faith for their children, inter-Collaborative music ministry, and the list goes on!

But the process did not end on June 13th!  The ideas expressed that evening are being reviewed by me, in consultation with the members of the Collaborative Pastoral Council, as we begin to consider how to move forward and build upon the ideas expressed. New ways to organize ourselves across the Collaborative to assist in that effort are also being considered. Importantly, we will be holding another session in the fall to continue this important discussion about expanding our parishes’ ministries through collaborative efforts. Stay tuned!

Fr. Jim

Pauline Sisters Book and Media Fair – July 15-16

The Daughters of St. Paul will be here at our parish after all the Masses on the weekend of July 15th and 16th.

These Media Sisters will bring a wonderful selection of materials which they publish and produce. Be sure to stop by and peruse their display: Spiritual reading, Lives of the Saints, books for Children, DVD’s, music and more!

These wonderful items will assist you with the ongoing faith formation of your family and provide good Summer Spiritual reading. Choose something to enrich your faith or to share it with others! Additionally you can check out their website:


Due to the excessive heat, tonight’s Faith Conversation is being moved to St. John’s Powers Hall.

We apologize for the late notice, but unfortunately the temperature has not dropped this afternoon as was forecast.

For everyone’s safety and comfort, we are moving tonight’s Faith Conversation from St. Paul’s Parish Hall (which is not air-conditioned) to St. John’s Powers Hall (which IS air-conditioned!)

Tuesday, June 13
7:00 – 9:15pm
St. John Powers Hall

St. John’s Powers Hall is located in the lower level of St. John Church. Parking is available in the school parking lot as well as on Ledyard Street. Both the Ledyard Street and Glen Road entrances to the church will be open.

An Invitation To Envision and Plan a Creative Path to Understanding and Living Our Catholic Faith

FaithLifePlease Join Us
Tuesday, June 13
7:00 – 9:15pm
St. Paul Parish Hall

The St. John-St. Paul collaborative faith community has a unique opportunity to develop programs to inspire and attract those among us who hunger for more understanding and sharing of our Catholic faith. Drawing on the ideas and talents of both parishes, we desire to offer adult faith enrichment in ways greater than our parishes can accomplish individually.

You are invited to join the conversation, to lend your thoughts on the development of an innovative adult faith enrichment program that will attract and inspire diverse segments of our community.

Carol Yamartino, a professional executive meeting facilitator, will guide both general and small group discussions. This is your opportunity to help shape future St. John-St. Paul programs designed to further our understanding of our Catholic faith, and what it means to live that faith.

In order to plan for the evening, please let us know that you will be joining us by clicking this link:  RSVP

St. Paul Parish Hall is located behind St. Paul Church, at 502 Washington St. Parking is available on Washington St. and in the parking lot behind the church (entrance at 10 Atwood St.)

Book Discussion Group – Thursday, May 11 at 7:30pm at St. John

Remember_to_LiveOur book for May is Remember to Live – Embracing the Second Half of Life by Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP.

Awareness and acceptance of our mortality as experienced in aging, illness, and the death of others can bring a clarity and richness to the limited, precious moments of life, and helps us foster a special care for relationships and priorities in the time we are given.

Called by the leadership of his community to open and develop the work of a Paulist North American Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, Fr. Ryan, CSP, moved to New York City in 2000 and worked for seven years establishing the work of the office prior to moving it to the new North American Paulist Center in Washington, DC, in 2007, where he continues to serve the Paulists and the church in that ministry today.

For information, please contact John Stewart, 617-969-0950, or

The Book Discussion Group meets the second Thursday of the month in the St. John Parish Center, 7:30 to 9:00pm. For information consult the St. John website or  contact John Stewart at 617 969 0950 or

AFFC LogoSt. John’s Adult Faith Formation Commission

Evening for Women – Tuesday, May 2, at 6:30pm at St. John

cross_impressionistWe invite you to join us this Tuesday evening for Pilgrims on a Journey:  The RCIA Story.

We are a Pilgrim Church and the RCIA is a process that is not only for those interested in becoming Roman Catholic, but is about a journey of all believers to our eternal home. Please join us for an evening of reflection, song, prayer and friendship, guided by Svea Fraser, to discover how each one of us is on a pilgrimage to God.

We will gather in Powers Hall at 6:30pm, and the program will begin at 6:45 in the chapel.  Please bring a favorite Spring recipe to share. All women of the collaborative are welcome!

Book Discussion Group – Thursday, April 20 at 7:30pm at St. John

1jewishannnewtestOur book for April is The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler, editors. This book has been described as a “ground-breaking text for scholarship, interfaith dialogue, and secular or religious readers.” The goal of the editors and the international team of scholars who contributed articles and commentary was to explain how Jewish practices and writings influenced New Testament writers. This is done through extensive notes and a series of thirty essays on a wide assortment of historical and religious topics. Our discussion will focus on the gospel according to St. John. It would be helpful for participants to be generally familiar with the organization and content of this gospel. There will be hand-outs with samples of the commentary from the book. For information, please contact John Stewart, 617-969-0950, or

The Book Discussion Group meets the second Thursday of the month in the St. John Parish Center, 7:30 to 9:00pm. For information consult the St. John website or  contact John Stewart at 617 969 0950 or

AFFC LogoSt. John’s Adult Faith Formation Commission

Monday, April 10 at St. Paul: Lenten Lecture Series with Fr. Jim Laughlin

Fr_JimWhen All Seemed Lost:  Waiting for the Third Day
Monday, April 10 at 7:30pm
St. Paul Church
For Peter, it had all begun at the Sea of Galilee. Here Jesus had called him… and his life would never be the same. He had witnessed miracles, walked on water and had even seen Lazarus raised from the dead. And at the darkest hour, he denied even knowing the One he loved. He thought that all was lost when Jesus was crucified. But there, at the Sea of Galilee…they would meet again.

Tuesday, April 4 at St. John – Evening for Women

cross_impressionistWho do you say I am? (Matthew 16:13-20)

As we prepare for Holy Week, there is no better time to consider Jesus in Scripture, and our relationship with Him in our heads, hearts and lived faith. Guiding us for this reflection will be Barbara Pyles: RN, MA Boston College School of Theology & Ministry, and St. John parishioner.

We will gather in St. John’s Powers Hall at 6:30pm, and begin the meditation program at 6:45 in the chapel. All are welcome to pray, and to take part in a wonderful opportunity to share faith and potluck. Please bring a favorite Spring dish.  All women from our Collaborative are invited. We look forward to seeing you.

Monday, April 3 at St. John: Lenten Lecture Series with Michael Meraw

Daffodils_Closeup_2014How Music Leads Us through Lent to the Joy of Easter
Monday, April 3 at 7:30pm
St. John Powers Hall
The Second Vatican Council in her Sacrosanctum Concillium said “The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as sacred song united to the words, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy.”  Come and acquaint yourselves with some of the treasures that have help guide the faithful through Lent, and how this music can deepen your communion with our Lord and His Passion.