AFFC Book Club – First Meeting Thursday, September 11 at 7:30pm

booksFor the past ten years a group of men and women have met monthly from September to May to talk about a book on some aspect of our Catholic faith. The books have been of modest length, fiction and non-fiction, and on a broad range of topics. Participants choose the books and one person serves as moderator. Often before the meeting, a few questions or points for consideration are distributed to guide the discussion.

There are no dues or other requirements of membership. Our goal is simply one of enlightenment – to help each other better understand the concepts, ideas, people, events, institutions and relationships that make up the Catholic experience. We come together as humble men and women who share an unshakable faith in Jesus Christ, along with the realization that God has blessed us with inquiring minds and the freedom to travel along a variety of paths in our quest for a better understanding of our responsibilities as important parts of creation.

Please join us on a journey of faith, learning and Christian fellowship. We invite you to become active in the Book Discussion Group. Our first meeting is Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Parish Center to discuss The Joy of The Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) by Pope Francis. If you would like a complete listing of the books that will be discussed in 2014/15, please visit our page on the Parish website. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact one of the members of the 2014/2015 coordinating committee: Peter Mongeau (Chair), John Stewart, Anita Martin and Frank McConville

Please join our e-mail list for updates/discussion questions – e-mail Peter at:

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