Important Information About St. Paul School

St_Paul_SchoolOver the past several years St. Paul’s Parish School has faced a steady decline in enrollment. An attempt to secure solid commitments from parents for the upcoming school year was insufficient. Sadly it is not possible for St. Paul’s School to open in September. I am sorry to share such difficult news, particularly at this time in the summer, and appreciate the efforts of all who did their best to keep the school open.

I am grateful to the Catholic School Office for their guidance and support as they assist our teachers with potential positions available throughout the Archdiocese. The RCAB Human Resource Department is assisting our teachers with transition benefits. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Eileen Lix, who so generously accepted the position of Assistant Administrator, as well as to all our dedicated teachers, aids and administrative staff who have been so committed to Catholic education.

With prayerful gratitude,
Fr. Sepe

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