February 12, 2012: Important Questions About Pastoral Planning and the Future of Our Parish

Information about the proposed pastoral plan for churches in our Archdiocese has been publicized over the past several weeks. Click here for easy access to more   information and for links to all RCAB material: www.stjohnwellesley.org/proposed-pastoral-collaborative

The Archdiocese has stressed that this is a proposed draft, with consultation rounds for input from all members. Every parishioner is encouraged to reflect on the challenges and possibilities of this proposal. Now is the time to voice your opinions, concerns, support and/or constructive criticism.

The APPC (Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning Commission) has provided “Consultation Homework,” seven questions to help us prepare our response to the proposed pastoral plan. Your answers to these questions and others you may have are critical to preparing feedback to the Commission:

1.  Does the combination we are proposing for the Parish you are associated with seem to meet this goal of improving evangelization? (Why or Why Not?)

2. Remembering that our objectives are to be more welcoming, nourishing, thriving and evangelizing communities than we already are. What are the advantages of this combination, not only for your parish but for the parishes included in your collaborative.

3. What are the possible problems with the parishes we are proposing collaborating/sharing a pastoral staff together? Please share any real pitfalls you could identify. (Please share any historical, social, or cultural information that should be taken into consideration.) Is there any kind of information you would need to be supplied to you, to help you provide a fuller answer to this question?

4. Remembering the general criteria set out in order to achieve the ideas of Fairness, Partnership, Financial Viability, and Pastoral Effectiveness, do you have comments on the criteria used or ways to improve the 6 measurements discussed during our session?

5. Keeping the criteria used and the overall goals in mind, do you have a better idea about parish combinations with your parish that seem more workable to you and why?

6. Are there other criteria that should be taken into account specific to your parish and geography?

7. We would be receptive to any general suggestions about multi-parish pastoring that you feel would help APPC in making it’s ultimate recommendation to Cardinal Sean and the Diocese.

Please let us hear from you! This can be done through the St. John Pastoral Planning Group (PPG) email or individual members, or written and placed in a “Comments Box” placed at both entrances to the church.

Current PPG Members: Carolyn Anderson, John Calcio, Rose Mary Donahue, Svea Fraser, Gerald J. Kehoe (Chair), Dan Kenslea, Mike Nilles, Sister Evelyn Ronan and Fr. Tom Powers.

Pastoral Planning Group Email: PPG@stjohnwellesley.org


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