Thank You to St. John’s Music and our Ministers of Music

Music, ChoirThe saying “He who sings prays twice” is often attributed to St. Augustine. There is reason to believe that he may not have written that exactly but wrote, “Singing belongs to the one who loves.” The nature of music is such that it can raise our spirits toward happiness, it can evoke memories of times past, it can express our sadness when the burning lump in our throat holds us back. Song (singing), a gift from God, brings us together in community with each other. We thank God for this gift – how?? By singing!

Our ministers of music (Youth Choir, instrumentalists, Family Mass Music Group, Parish Choir, cantors, directors) in addition to singing or playing instruments, serve the parish by supporting and encouraging our prayer… healing and transforming us. When we come into the church we can be totally surprised and shaken by hearing cries of sadness as the result of a loss – or hearing laughter punctuate the air and seeing tears of joy on other’s cheeks. These moments are supported by the parish community.. we are sustained and held up when voices are raised up together in song.

For close to twenty years here as Parish Music Director I have been humbled to be surrounded by the over 100 volunteers – the ministers of music. It’s an honor to have them near, their passion and commitment is truly heartwarming…for that they should be commended. I THANK YOU ALL!! With the Christmas season now past, they may be weary after enriching our liturgies AND us, but will continue on, not missing a beat because that’s just what they do! And with joy! If you would like to experience the inner joy and satisfaction among these musically dedicated individuals we are here to welcome and assist you. As Lent and Easter are approaching, there’s not a more perfect time for you to come and claim your musical chair.

“A cry from deep within our being, music is a way for God to lead us to the realm of higher things.” -St. Augustine, Epistoia 166, De origine animae hominis

– Larry Carson

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