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Our Collaborative Outdoor Mass – Sunday, September 30 at 11:00am

Special Collaborative Mass Schedule on the Weekend of September 29-30

Masses at St. John:
Saturday 5:oopm Vigil Mass
Sunday 7:30am Mass at St. John

Masses at St. Paul:
Saturday 4:oopm Vigil Mass
Sunday 7:30am Mass

Collaborative Outdoor Mass:
Sunday 11:00am at the Wellesley High School Football Field

Please Note: There will be no 9:00am, 11:00am, or 5:00pm Masses at either parish on Sunday, September 30.

Parish Choir News – First Rehearsal on Sunday, October 1

The Parish Choir of St. John’s Music will hold its first rehearsal Sunday, October 1 at 9:30am in the Music Office adjacent to Powers Hall. We welcome and encourage singers of high school age and up to join with us. No audition is required only your willingness to participate in the joy of singing. The Parish Choir participates weekly in the 11:00am Sunday liturgies. Weekly rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30pm. For those unable to commit to a weekly schedule of rehearsals and weekend liturgies please consider our FIRST SUNDAY CHOIR program. For that you can join with us on the first Sunday of each month for the Sunday morning rehearsal (9:30am) where we learn an easily singable piece to be sung at the 11am liturgy that morning. Coffee, juice and tasty breakfast treats are provided. Come join us and get into the “sing” of things!

An Invitation from the St. John Parish Choir

Adult_CHoirSt. John’s Parish Choir wishes to extend an invitation to all that have a voice to raise (high school age and beyond) to join us as we prepare to celebrate the extraordinary liturgies of Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

Since our varied worshiping communities come together to celebrate one Mass each day on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday – our desire is that everyone is included – and that no voice is quiet. Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm in the Music Office. Sunday morning rehearsal is at 9:30am in the Music Office.

From the St. John Parish Music Director…

Christmas ChoirSt. John’s Music during Christmas 2016 was effulgent with its glowing joy. Those of you who were present at our Christmas liturgies knew immediately that this great Feast of the Nativity is remarkable, glorious. A couple of weeks before Christmas a parishioner put fear in my heart as she was so filled with anticipation of being with her family, as well as her church family, and stressed how she just knew the music would exceed her expectations. I thought quietly to myself – it had better!

What is amazing is how it takes so many dedicated individuals to make that “beyond expectation music” happen – to them an avalanche of gratitude should be shown. It’s the children, the teens, the young adults, “young thinking” adults – those who sing, play an instrument, parents who patiently wait for their children attending rehearsals, the children who permit a parent to attend rehearsal, the loving spouse/partner who is temporarily left alone while the other attends rehearsal. Special accolades to Family Mass Music Directors who work diligently as they are outnumbered by the surrounding children, the cantors who do their part at extra Masses.

Christmas 2016 was my twentieth Christmas here at St. John’s. With each passing year the excitement, the beauty of the music reaches a new height. In a huge way that reach for the height, the stars – particularly the bright Star over Bethlehem happens because of you – St. John parishioners – you are the church, you are the church choir. Thank you for your love and support. If at anytime you would like to experience and know what it’s like being part of one of our music groups at St. John’s – know that you will be warmly welcomed. Come, get into the “sing” of things!

Gratefully yours, Laurence Carson

St. John Parish Choir

During January, St. John’s Parish Choir continues to gather on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the Music Office. Our Wednesday evening rehearsals are temporarily suspended for a bit of rest and will resume on Wednesday, February 1 at 7:30pm when we will begin preparing for Lent and Easter. Our annual Mardi Gras Breakfast will take place on Sunday, February 26 – details forthcoming.

St. John Parish Choir

music_choirIs anyone listening? Those of us in Parish Choir are shouting out to you to say how much we appreciate the thanks and support you send our way – that energy keeps us going. We’re being loud and clear about our invitation to you as the 2016-2017 season begins and we “get back into the SING of things.” Can you hear us? Come a bit closer. Our group includes women and men, young and less young, and we learn as we share our love of singing together. No audition required. Visit us at our rehearsals anytime on Wednesday evenings, 7:30-9:00 p.m. or Sunday mornings, 9:30-10:45 a.m. in the Music Office, lower level of the Church. Any questions can be directed to any choir member, or
Did you hear that?

Invitation from the Parish Choir for Holy Week and Easter

Adult_CHoirThe Parish Choir has begun preparations for Holy Week and Easter and wishes to extend a special invitation to any and all singers high school age to adult to join with us. There are no  auditions but it’s helpful to have some ability to read music. This is the most holy week of the year – and for the choir it is the busiest week. You may choose to sing for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter – or choose just one or two of those days. Any sharing of your valuable time with us, raising your voice with us will be appreciated not only by the Parish Choir but by the St. John community. Our rehearsals are held in the Music Office Wednesday evenings, 7:30-9pm and Sunday mornings, 9:30pm. Led by Kelly and Michael Meraw and Larry Carson.

St. John Parish Christmas Concert
Sunday, December 13 at 2pm

Christmas ChoirThis coming Sunday, December 13 at 2:00pm is our Annual Parish Christmas Concert Each of the music groups which support our liturgies throughout the year will be performing seasonal music for you to enjoy.  The Family Mass Musicians, the Christmas Youth Choir, the Parish Choir and the newly formed Teen Choir will be sharing some of the music they’ve been practicing these past weeks – now you can hear them! Joining us for the third year in a row will be the Puppet Nativity.  They are coming to us from Rochester, NY.  Their participation in our concert is truly a welcome addition. Please come – admission is free – all are welcome! Parking is available in the school lot on Ledyard Street and the Church is wheelchair accessible.

Parish Choir Announcement

music_choirThe 2015-2016 Parish Choir season has begun. We welcome interested singers from high school age and beyond to join us. We rehearse Wednesday evenings 7:30-9pm in the Music Office, lower level of the church. Our Sunday warm-up rehearsal is at 9:30am.

If participating in choir on a weekly basis is overwhelming you should consider joining the First Sunday Choir. Just as the name indicates we meet the first Sunday of the month at 9:30am. If you need a little head start learning music, come to the previous Wednesday night’s rehearsal.

This year our team of choir directors includes: Dr. Anita Kupriss, Dr. Michael and Kelly Meraw and Larry Carson. We welcome new members at anytime during the year but particularly at the beginning of the season. With Christmas coming quickly, we’ve begun to prepare music for the occasion. This lively, energizing ministry is the perfect place to share the love of singing together, rekindle old friendships and begin new ones.

Parish Choir Resumes This Weekend

music_choirThe Parish Choir will resume participating in liturgies this Sunday, September 27, at the 11:00am Mass.  This is St. John’s Parish Welcome (back) Weekend. All from high school age and beyond are invited to join us in the Music Office downstairs at 9:30am. Breakfast refreshments will be available.

Our first Week Night Rehearsal will be on Wednesday, September 30 from 7:30-9pm.  First Sunday Choir members may join this rehearsal if they wish, or simply come to First Sunday Choir on Sunday, October 4 at 9:30am. 

Our team of choir directors includes: Larry Carson, Dr. Anita Kupriss, Kelly and Dr. Michael Meraw.  We gladly welcome new members at any time during the year – but particularly now at the beginning of the season. This lively, energizing ministry is a perfect place to share the love of singing together, rekindle old friendships and begin new ones. Watch throughout the year for additional information on the parish website.

Hope to see you there.

The Parish Choir