A Note of Gratitude to the Parish Choir

Parish Choir and Gusts at the May Anniversary MassEach of you are owed an enormous treasury of thanks for all that you have done this past year as choir. Your continued contributions of time and talent are evident when you come together. Our liturgies are enhanced immeasurably by your devotion to the sacred art of music and vocal praise. Throughout the year the liturgies beginning with the First Sunday Choir, on Thanksgiving morning, the entire Christmas season, during the weeks of Lent, Easter and the weeks that followed, Fr. Tom’s weekend, and finally last week’s observance of the Parish Anniversary. Fantastic job everyone!

To the sopranos – Meg, Ann, Joan, Carmen, Margie, Eileen, Barbara, Barbara, Eva and Kelly… the alto section –  Sandra, Dede, Mary Jane, Jenny, Linda, Barbara, Joan, Marian, Deb… the tenors – Frank, George, Mark, Mike and Jason… the basses – Matt, Brian, Frank and Michael… Fantastic job everyone! Each of you are an essential piece in the beauty of the sacred art of music which fills your souls, raising your listeners into the presence of the Holy One. From a grateful and humbled Parish Music Director. . . Bless you!

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