Music Changes at St. John

With the recent departure of Chris Holownia, we are left with a vacancy at both the Sunday 9:00am Family Mass as well as the Sunday 5:00pm Mass.  In the short-term we will have Larry Carson, St. John Music Director, play at the Sunday 9am Mass on September 3.  Anne Mears will play all other Sunday 9am Masses until October. Anne will also play at the Sunday 5pm Masses when they begin in the September. Anne Mears is a member of our Collaborative and has been directing and playing liturgical music for  many years in the UK and here in Wellesley for the last 17 years, working with the High School Music Group at St. Paul Parish and formerly with St. Paul School. She looks forward to working and worshiping with the   St. John community while also continuing her work with the High School Music Group at St. Paul Parish.

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