Youth Ministry News

All high school students are invited to join our Collaborative Youth Ministry Program, which is being reinvigorated with new staff, new ideas and new initiatives in tandem with the updated Confirmation Preparation Program!

Luke Delvecchio

Jimmy Hastings

First we would like to re-introduce our Youth Ministers who started as members of the St. Paul Youth Group and evolved into Youth Ministers – Luke Delvecchio and   Jimmy Hastings. Both are parishioners in the Collaborative and their tireless dedication and enthusiasm has continued to keep the St. Paul Youth Group alive and well!

Brenna Wertzberger

We would also like to introduce you to Brenna Wertzberger, a student in the BC Theology program, who has joined them as a Youth Minister.

Luke, Jimmy, and Brenna will all be Collaborative staff charged with empowering young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. This empowerment will include (but not be limited to!) Mass participation, service within and outside the Collaborative, and activities to foster community.

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