“Out of the darkness is born the light…”

The faith community of St. John-St. Paul is experiencing an upheaval in the wake of the clergy sex abuse crisis. We are brokenhearted at the alarming reports that continue to engulf our Church. We are outraged, concerned, overwhelmed, and grieving over the revelations of the past month. However, with Jesus Christ as our example in times of great trial, we will not lose hope. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit we come together as a community of faith to begin the work of healing, restoration, and reform.

As always, the survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy are at the forefront of our prayers.

Next week, beginning on Sunday, September 9, will be a week consecrated to the immediate critical care of the faithful Catholic community of the St. John – St. Paul Collaborative. The week opens with a vital opportunity to listen to one another and share what is in our hearts and minds concerning the events that have rocked our Church in the past weeks. Please join us on Sunday, September 9, from 12:30-2:00pm in Powers Hall at St. John the Evangelist Church for Laity and Clergy Walking Together.

The following evening, Monday, September 10, we will gather at 8:30pm for a Candlelight Vigil on the lawn of St. Paul Church. Together we will sing andpray – first and foremost for the victims and survivors of sexual abuse, and also in support of our faithful priests.

Events will be held at both parishes throughout the week, including Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Lectio Divina, Stations of the Cross, and Contemplation of the Rosary, all in support of survivors of sexual abuse.

Please click HERE for a complete listing of all events.

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