Collaborative Pastoral Council Nominations Due by October 30

SJSP Collaborative Logo_Small The Collaborative Pastoral Council (CPC) will be comprised of an equal number of parishioners from each parish.  The CPC advises the Pastor in his role in forming and implementing the mission of the parishes in the collaborative.

The selection process begins with nomination. An individual can nominate him/herself or a parishioner may nominate a person they believe will be able to fulfill the expectations of the role. Ballots and ballot boxes have been placed at the entrance of each Church.  Please place cards with your nomination(s) for the Collaborative Pastoral Council in the ballot box at the Church entrance. (Cards may also be submitted to either the St. John or St. Paul parish office.) Please submit your nominations as soon as possible – nominations will close on Friday, October 30, 2015.  

The names will be vetted and confirmed.   During one of the Masses in each parish, following a prayer to the Holy Spirit, Fr. Sepe will draw the names from a
basket for the selection. The pastor may appoint additional members in order to assure appropriate representation of parishioners. Although each parish will have equal representation on the CPC, its members are reminded that they are distinct from a Parish Pastoral Council in that they are expected to understand that their view of church is as a collaborative.

Qualifications: (1) Be a Catholic who is registered and active in one of the Collaborative Parishes, (2) Participate in the sacramental life of the Church, (3) Be 18 years of age or older.

Expectations include:  Ongoing meetings (up to twice a month initially),  participation in council training sessions for Disciples in Mission where three topics will be addressed at three separate training seminars, and an individual meeting with the Pastor.



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