Into the Heart of Mercy: Jesus, born of Mary, had a human heart as we do…

CK7gxi-WoAAL3peThe Name of God is Mercy. The face of God is Jesus. Jesus, born of Mary, had a human heart as we do…

A human heart works with four chambers and a circulatory system. The chambers direct the flow of blood, connecting the lungs, a system that cleanses and renews repeatedly with every heartbeat and breath. As Mary pondered the things of God in her heart, this Year of Mercy is creating a time for each of us to focus on our own hearts.

Our hearts operate on a physical and spiritual level. Just as our hearts function physically, responding to our mind, body and environment, our spiritual hearts are a place to ponder, pray, and connect ourselves with God and others. Our heart is a tabernacle for God, a space of love and forgiveness, a space of safety in the loving mercy of God, a place to encounter mercy and grace, a space where God can connect with us. God works in the human – in Jesus, in Mary and in each one of us! This is a time for seeking with God, our source of all love and mercy, how we can be His hands and hearts on earth now.

As we begin this Year of Mercy, let’s ponder in the tabernacle of our human heart, our relationship with God – our own human heart relating to the sacred heart of Jesus, seeking a way, relating heart to heart with others.

The Adult Faith Formation and Service Commissions of St. John Parish facilitate our journey into the Heart of Mercy.

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